March 2009


Hey. This is Brett Lawrie. I was asked to do this blog and thought it might be worth a shot, so here goes. Was told I could talk about anything as the 2009 season moved forward, which I liked.

2008 was a busy year, for sure. Tons of travel, many baseball teams, lots of fishbowls. All the predraft events. Team Canada. The Draft. World Juniors. Olympics. Instructs. Training in Az. While I really like pressure, it is certain that 2009 will be a simpler year with far less running around – I can finally focus on playing games almost every day. This is exactly what I live for.

2009 started with a month at the Brewers complex then a short time with Team Canada in the wcb. The wbc experience was great tho my role was as the bottom guy on the totem pole. I didn’t play in any of the games but still learned a fair bit from watching. It was hard to sit and not play, I won’t lie. But I knew going in what my role was. And, being the youngest, and a recent first rounder, it also made me the butt of many jokes, so it’s all good

We r in the middle of minor league training camp. Every day is similar. Am playing second, not catching. More on this later.

Once every 10 days or so I will try to throw something up, and keep it real.