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Hi to everyone. Has been a while. Thanks for the comments. All is well on this end. One thing I have always done is to trust in myself despite highs and lows. Thank goodness. Minor league baseball really tests this. For the first time in my life I am playing every day, every week. It takes a toll, and takes getting used to. Am rolling with everything now, but there was an adjustment. Am in a bit of a slump, but I will get out of it. The team is doing ok, tho we all want to be a bit more consistent. We have the talent to do better. We hope to warmup soon.

I’ve been playing the new guitar hero metallica. The rifts and the hammer seem to be a little different in the way that in some songs the notes connect on with lines, which I am not used to. But as far as the game goes, the graphics are awesome and the notes seem much more clear to see. Some of the songs seem impossible and no one is going to crush any song the first time. Am getting pretty close on beating many of the songs. Am working on two right now that are a challenge. I am trying to translate what I learn here to a real guitar that I bought in the offseason. I love music, all music, especially country. I hack around on the guitar more and more these days. 

Thank you and God bless you all.



Well, the last ten days have been busy. We played pretty much every day in Arizona. Plus, there was lots of stuff to get sorted out as I was moving to Appleton. My first real home away from home.

I got here in Appleton yesterday. Nice place from what little I have seen so far. A good friend of mine, Phillippe Aumont with the Mariners, played here last year so I had lots of advance info. We played today in lots of wind and cold which the Midwest League is known for. I am Canadian, but west coast Canadian, so alot of wind and snow is somewhat new to me as well.

The one thing that appears so obvious is that the fans are really behind this team. This is not a line. That is the first thing I felt. Plus, we hear the home opener is already sold out. I am not sure, but I heard that this has not happened before. I cannot wait until Thursday, as we finally will be able to play as a true team in front of home fans.

Our spring training in Arizona is good and all, yet there is no substitute for playing real games on behalf of a town. So, I am very happy to be here in Wisconsin, and am looking to do some really good things at the plate, that is for sure.

I am moving in as I write this. Took a break. We have minimal stuff to put into our apartment, and I put most of my belonging in my car before I had it shipped to here this week. The complex reminds me of a university type dorm setting, where I would stay often while travelling with Team Canada. Three of us will share one unit. And I really like my roommates.

Not alot to say at this point. Am just getting my bearings down. I need games and have been waiting for a while to finally start my first pro season. Every guy on the team is very excited about our opener in two days, with such a big crowd. So I will report in after our first game or two.

Thanks for reading.





Hey. This is Brett Lawrie. I was asked to do this blog and thought it might be worth a shot, so here goes. Was told I could talk about anything as the 2009 season moved forward, which I liked.

2008 was a busy year, for sure. Tons of travel, many baseball teams, lots of fishbowls. All the predraft events. Team Canada. The Draft. World Juniors. Olympics. Instructs. Training in Az. While I really like pressure, it is certain that 2009 will be a simpler year with far less running around – I can finally focus on playing games almost every day. This is exactly what I live for.

2009 started with a month at the Brewers complex then a short time with Team Canada in the wcb. The wbc experience was great tho my role was as the bottom guy on the totem pole. I didn’t play in any of the games but still learned a fair bit from watching. It was hard to sit and not play, I won’t lie. But I knew going in what my role was. And, being the youngest, and a recent first rounder, it also made me the butt of many jokes, so it’s all good

We r in the middle of minor league training camp. Every day is similar. Am playing second, not catching. More on this later.

Once every 10 days or so I will try to throw something up, and keep it real.