Hey. This is Brett Lawrie. I was asked to do this blog and thought it might be worth a shot, so here goes. Was told I could talk about anything as the 2009 season moved forward, which I liked.

2008 was a busy year, for sure. Tons of travel, many baseball teams, lots of fishbowls. All the predraft events. Team Canada. The Draft. World Juniors. Olympics. Instructs. Training in Az. While I really like pressure, it is certain that 2009 will be a simpler year with far less running around – I can finally focus on playing games almost every day. This is exactly what I live for.

2009 started with a month at the Brewers complex then a short time with Team Canada in the wcb. The wbc experience was great tho my role was as the bottom guy on the totem pole. I didn’t play in any of the games but still learned a fair bit from watching. It was hard to sit and not play, I won’t lie. But I knew going in what my role was. And, being the youngest, and a recent first rounder, it also made me the butt of many jokes, so it’s all good

We r in the middle of minor league training camp. Every day is similar. Am playing second, not catching. More on this later.

Once every 10 days or so I will try to throw something up, and keep it real.




  1. mikesmind

    That’s really cool, being one of the guys on the WBC Roster, that must be a great experience. How different is the style of play that the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese teams bring to the table than that of the U.S and Canada?

    • Brett Lawrie

      We didn’t face any asian teams during the wbc. Yet I have faced asian teams often in junior comp. Watching them take infield/outfield is always a treat. They take it very seriously and make decisions on the game based on how players perform during this infield/outfield. The ball gets thrown around with intensity and precision. They treat it like a game.
      During games, they are patient and just try to get a bat on the ball. My impression is that they would love to beat you with 15 straight singles if they could do that. Every batter and part of an inning is treated very seriously by the managers. It’s like a grand game of chess, and it works for them. Last night, watching Korea and Japan, you can see some of the things that I have noticed over the years. As an infielder, I really am attracted to how their infielders approach situations. They are super confident and fearless, attack, and don’t hold on to the ball at all. My sense is that the whole baseball world admires what they have accomplished. Asian teams won the world juniors in edmonton, the olympics and the wbc. Impressive.


  2. crzblue2

    This is great hearing the inside scoop. I was at Dodger Stadium for the WBC finals! It was incredible watching the games. I see what you mean about teams beating you with all those singels. That is exactly what Japan did.
    looking forward to reading more here.

  3. homegrowncrewer

    you have to always wonder if that is really this person blogging or is it an official representitive or his agent talking or something???!!!


    Hey brett, A Brewer fan here in Ontario 🙂 Wish you the best of luck this year and look forward to seeing you rise through the Brewer organization. I am glad you started this blog and my father and I both look to following your season. Good luck and hope to see you in milwaukee sooner rather than later

  5. lovegame


    where are you starting your season at?
    I saw that you played a few games for Wisconsin (low A?) then one for Huntsville (AA?) and then missed a few games, where you injured in that game (3/26)?

    Your bat is looking good, hitting nearly 390 with 4 2b and a HR. How is the defense coming along at 2B?

  6. teacherguy

    I think that you should feel proud of your opportunity, you have worked hard Brett and deserve the shot, but I don’t think that things are going to be as golden or easy as you and the scouts think. Yes you had good numbers in minor ball and the jr. team, but you had no reason to be on the WCB team, you looked like a bat boy and just filled space, there were better players who could have been of use, that just shows how weak Team Canada was. It is obvious that it will be difficult to find a defensive position for you in pro ball as your skills are questionable. I have seen u play several times over the years and did not see a dominate player even in the PBL, but I am obviously not a scout. Your skills are very similar to another BC player who had a decent career but because of defensive weaknesses never realized a long carreer, Kevin Reimer. Reimer held on because he was a lefty with some power. I wish you the best and hope you are ready for some struggles because they are going to come, I might be wrong but your road to the majors will not be as easy as thought and remember there are a lot of early pics who never made it pass A-ball. I hope that you do it, but you are going to find the pitching a lot better then what you have seen. They will find your weaknesses and you will see fewer fastballs. Good luck, keep your head on straight, you are going to need it!

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